Education plays a vital role towards the overall development of an individual and thus the Nation. Although our literacy bar is rising every yearbut due to lack of holistic approach towards the education system,  today our country is struggling with many social evils like Female feticide, Dowry, Domestic Violence ,drugs, economic disparity etc. what is the reason that although we have opened many universities, colleges and institutions of learning but we are not able to produce people like Vivekananda, Rani lakshmi bai, Shivaji the only reason behind this is the lack of value system in our education system, the spiritual value , human value,  emotional values. Swami Vivekananda says " Education which does not bring out strength of character, a spirit of philanthropy, and the courage of a lion— is it worth of the name " .

Education is of no use if we can’t impart values to the students and this is where Mission Education plays its best part.  Under this program privileged students are motivated to donate stationery for the underprivileged children, who have difficulty or may not bear the expanses of educational resources. Doing this the privileged students are made to experience two things first they understand that there is another section of society which is facing difficulty in getting even those resources which are every easily available to them. Second   on donating those stationery items a habit of donation is getting imbibed in them.

"  I remember one story where one Saint went to a house and asked Lady for food but when she denied and said that she had nothing to offer him, saint asked her to offer him the mud of her house and then lady offered him the mud. When someone asked that saint that why he asked that lady for the mud? is it of any use to him? Then, saint replied that had he not encouraged her to give anything she might have created the tendency of not to donate. But by making her to at least donate the mud, he has sown the seed of a virtue of helping the needy."

Today Mission Education is playing the same role as that Saint in the society by encouraging the privileged students to donate for the underprivileged society.   This will definitely create Value System in our existing Education System which will eventually help to produce people with high moral values which is the basic need for any nation to grow and prosper.