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Founded by Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj, Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti (M.U.S.S.) is an all-India registered voluntary social welfare and charitable organization which actively pursues the following goals in India:

  • Eradication of illiteracy. Many schools and colleges are run by M.U.S.S charging only nominal tuition fees.
  • Protection and welfare of neglected and/or deserted women and children. Campaigning for women's rights is high on the Samiti's agenda. It actively opposes the dowry system. It holds processions and rallies to educate and mobilize the public against this evil. It conducts adult education programs and has sheltered many homeless and neglected women.
  • Eradication of caste-consciousness and social evils.
  • Provision of immediate relief to victims of natural disasters and facilitating their return to normalcy.
  • Providing free health care through hospitals, dispensaries and medical camps.
  • Elimination of religious prejudice and dogmatism through making freely available the spiritual Knowledge which is the essence of all religions. Mahatmas from MUSS hold satsang meetings even in prisons. These meetings have helped many inmates rethink their lives and goals and this facilitates their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.
  • Promoting various services such as blood donation camps, cleanliness drives in hospitals, anti-drugs and alcohol campaigns, and arranging group marriages for the poor (who might otherwise not be able to afford it). M.U.S.S maintains clinics at many of its ashrams. These offer a variety of treatments. The Delhi Ashram in Punjabi Bagh has a large and well-stocked homeopathic clinic. A small hospital at Satlok Ashram, Muradnagar, offers both homeopathic and Western medical treatment. The clinic at Prem Nagar Ashram, Hardwar, provides a full range of ayurvedic medicines. All such clinics are staffed by qualified physicians.

Under Shri Maharaj Ji's patronage and guidance, MUSS has achieved major successes. It has received national awards in India and Nepal and Shri Maharaj Ji has received international recognition for his service to society.

Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti, through its network of more than 3000 Ashrams and centers and its volunteer division (Manav Sewa Dal), exists to serve society at both the spiritual and everyday levels in a variety of ways.

With the evolution of consciousness spontaneous compassion arises to help the disadvantaged and to fight against social evils and injustice. Access to the practical teachings of Self-realization which triggers higher awareness is the first step in changing the individual consciousness. As individuals change, so does the society they live in. It naturally follows that, as more and more individuals practise the spiritual path, or dharam, the social consciousness finds a new direction, towards eradicating social evils and the prejudices caused by ignorance and lack of understanding. As Shri Maharaj Ji says, the spiritual person cannot stand by and watch injustice and do nothing about it.

The Society (Samiti) organizes spiritual gatherings all over India and Nepal, at which representatives of other religious and social organizations, as well as political leaders, are invited to speak.

The membership of M.U.S.S. is drawn from all levels and communities of Indian society and it is totally opposed to casteism and untouchability. Anyone is welcome at any of its ashrams and centers.

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