Manav Dharam

What is the Power which energizes you? What is the mystery behind the process of respiration? What is the vital energy on which everything depends? That life-energy isn't something which can be expressed verbally, yet it is the source of all languages. It is invisible, yet it makes us see. It cannot be known through logic or philosophy, yet the powers of reason and memory spring from it. It is the Self in every single being and experiencing it, realizing it, is our natural dharam...

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Satpal ji maharaj


Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj, the son of Paramsant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, was born on 21st September 1951 at Kankhal in the holy town of Hardwar. His father’s life was one of selfless service to humanity and of tireless devotion to the ideal of awakening man’s dormant spirituality. Birth in the family of an enlightened Yogi, combined with his own inherent tendencies, facilitated Satpal Ji Maharaj’s spiritual development from a very early age...

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Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti
Introduction and contributions to society

With evolution of consciousness, spontaneous compassion arises to help the disadvantaged and to fight against social evils and injustice. Access to practical teachings of Self-realization which triggers higher awareness is the first step in changing the individual consciousness. As individuals change, so does the society they live in. It naturally follows that, as more and more individuals practice the spiritual path, or dharam, the social consciousness finds a new direction, towards eradicating social evils and the prejudices caused by ignorance and lack of understanding. As Shri Maharaj Ji says, the spiritual person cannot stand by and watch injustice and do nothing about it.

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