People today are busy doing all kinds of unrighteous things to satisfy their sensual cravings. They don’t think about what is just or injust, sinful or pious. That is why various types of troubles and hindrances come in their way. On the other hand, a person who meditates on the Spirit does not desire any worldly things, just like we never want to eat regurgitated food. The great Divine Master remains ever merged in his soul and treats everyone equally, seeing the same spirit in them all. He preaches things which are beneficial to all. He is faraway from conceit and deceit.

The sun gives light and heat to everyone equally, and, similarly spiritually enlightened souls impart the same Spiritual Knowledge to all true seekers equally and deliver them from their troubles caused by the darkness of ignorance. Divine souls are bereft of worldly pain and pleasure and are always saturated with spiritual bliss. He whose bodily organs are controlled never feels sorrow or happiness of any type at any time. The person who, being enslaved by his body organs, acts only to please his mind, is no different to an animal. St Tulsidasji Ji says,

“Ramchandra ke bhajan binu, jo chah pad nirwan.

Gyanvant api so nar, pashu bin poonchh bisan.”

“A person who aspires to get salvation without remembering the Lord, even though he may be learned, is like an animal without a tail.” St. Kabir Ji says,

“Tan thir, man thir, vachan thir, surat nirat thir hoy.

Kah Kabir ees palak ko, kalap na pawai koy.”

“Body still, mind still, speech silent, mind and inner sight still and focussed: Even a moment in such a state is not achieved in ages, says Kabir.”

A person may be doing such spiritual meditation and remembering the Name of God quite carefully, his bodily organs may be still and inactive, but even then his senses may entice him and mislead him from the true path. If there is even the least desire within the mind, it can be the cause of a catastrophe. Worldly temptations ensnare the meditator in a thousand ways. The deities of fortune and success spread their webs of deception and try to mislead the mind of the meditator. If its branches are cut then a tree, in due course, becomes green again, getting strength from water. Likewise, if a seed of desire remains in the mind, then the sense organs, again, get hooked on worldly pleasures. So, one should firmly uproot such things from his mind.

A drop of poison can be the cause of death. Similarly, even the least desire for worldly enjoyments within the mind becomes instrumental in derailing the meditation process. A spark can burn the whole world. The mind in which there is no stability gets covered by a net of worldly enjoyments by virtue of the three powers of delusion. Once trapped in the quicksand of worldly enjoyments, the more he tries to extricate himself, the further he gets dragged down, but when the mind becomes absorbed in meditation, desires for worldly enjoyments are automatically eradicated. If the body is controlled and the mind is absorbed in remembering the Holy Name, only at that time should one be considered to be established in the truth.

A tortoise withdraws its limbs within its hard shell and brings them out of the shell, if it so desires, by its own sweet will. Likewise, spiritual blessedness is experienced only by the person whose bodily organs are totally under control and act as per the command of his consciousness. On the other hand, one whose mind and body organs are wavering and unsteady is ignorant and imprudent and always distressed. Yogis remain awake in meditation and remembrance of the Name, whereas worldly people are asleep to such things but always awake to worldly pleasures. Yogis are asleep to worldly enjoyments.

In other words, worldly enjoyments are night for yogis and meditation and remembrance are daytime for them. All rivers merge in the sea without creating any movement. Similarly, all thoughts pertaining to worldly enjoyments merge in the mind of the yogi who possesses stable and firm mind and intellect, without creating any turbulence. He is emotionally firm whether or not he is getting worldly enjoyments. Once his feelings of partiality and malice are released, even if his body organs are employed in worldly things they do not create any turmoil. Rays of the sun and moon do not get mixed with worldly things. Similarly, the thought of worldly enjoyments do not touch the sentiments of the great ones; rather they remain ever merged in spiritual bliss.

A lamp is lit to wipe out darkness so that we are free of the fear of troubles that arise due to darkness. A person can get hurt in the darkness of night, but after sunrise everything becomes clearly visible. According to the Bhagavad Gita, it is essential to know the light of Truth to escape the blows due to the darkness of misdeeds, so that the true path becomes clearly visible and one can make his life successful by walking it. So, one should ask devotedly about how to do selfless action by taking shelter in the living spiritual Master so that he can emerge from the swamp of actions.

Lord Shri Krishna explained about the yoga of selfless action, by which a person, even though he does various actions, is freed from the shackles of those actions. So, you all should realise the Spiritual Knowledge.