We all are soul. That is why it is said that we are part of God. We call that part ‘soul’ but three inexhaustible shackles are attached to the soul, which are called ‘mind’, ‘body’ and ‘intellect’. These three are adjuncts of the soul and they fence and bind it in their chains. The body functions only when soul is within it. Mind will also work, it will think, when soul is in the body and your intellect will also work when you are alive. If the life force is absent then how will the intellect work? In other words, soul is our reason for being; soul is the image of God. The image of God is within us so why are we not seeing God?

It is said that there are three powers which have obscured the soul. The life force is within me, within you and within everyone. It flows within animals and plants also, but the difference is that you have much greater capacity of intellect and mind and you have the power to understand. It is very beneficial to understand the Power in life.

The Almighty has done us a great favour by giving us the power to discriminate, which does not exist in animals. When a lion feels hunger, he will hunt to fill his belly. He does not feel compassion. When you however feel hunger, you do not kill somebody to satiate that hunger; you have the potential to consider what is right and what is wrong and this is only by the grace of God. But along with this, you also have a restless and wavering mind.

We do not remember the Holy Name of God and do not meditate, so our mind becomes restless. Whatever habits you inject in your children influences their actions. Suppose when I was young I was in the habit of getting angry and no one informed me that I should not be angry so much. Then it is natural that I would have the same angry habits even when I am 60 years old. If someone had told me when I was still a child then I would have understood that it was not proper on my part to get angry about trifling things and then it could have been possible that, in due course, I would have been able to control my anger.

This world has been created not for one person but rather for all. We have come into this world, we all have struggles. When desires increase they give birth to temptations. Unfulfilled temptations give birth to anger. Only a person who has thought deeply about these things in his life can understand. How can you explain to those who have not remembered God and have not done meditation?

The root of all problems in this world today is jealousy. Malice makes people fight each other. Human beings are becoming demons and many of them are degraded even further. This is all due to jealousy and malice. So, remembrance of God and meditation are the essence in life. The great Master tells us again and again to remember the Holy Name of God and to meditate. Truth is one and the path to reach Truth is also one, but definitely there are struggles. Someone has more ego, so he needs to control his ego. If someone is prone to temptation he needs to control his temptations. If someone has multiple desires then he needs to control his desires.

How shall we know that we have a particular shortcoming within us? If there is pleasure in this world then there is pain and sorrow also. These are like the two sides of a coin. Likewise, good and bad are the thoughts of our mind. Pain and pleasure too are simply thoughts. All the things and sciences of this world are limited to this world. The Divine Light of God however is eternal and supernatural. We may be great scholars, meditators, or brave warriors, but before the Divine Light of God, the light of our life is nothing.

So, make efforts to know that Power in life. The divine Master shows us the path to reach the essence of life. So, we should receive Spiritual Knowledge and meditate to make our human life successful.