Nobody can deny the fact that the entire universe has been according to a cosmic plan. You see a small cell with a nucleus surrounded by protoplasm. Scientists are still searching for the place in that cell where life comes from. It is a puzzle which remains unsolved. You can duplicate natural phenomena; you can take a chemical equation and copy it. You cannot manufacture iron. You can mine iron ore, turn it into iron sheets and turn the iron into machines, but you cannot create iron. Even if you do, you are only adding protons; you are copying Nature, copying God.

When a plant grows from a seed, it produces flowers and more seeds. The kind of seed planted determines the kind of plant you will get. Did you ever wonder what that power in the seed is, which imprints certain traits and which determines what kind of flowers will be produced? What is that power within us, the germ of life within us, which causes a child to resemble its parents?

Research and scientific discoveries have increased man’s lifespan. In spite of all this, man is not contented. Science has attempted to prolong man’s life, but when his time is up, he dies. Death is something which happens to everyone and so far science has not been able to rescue anyone from the jaws of death. So much research has been done and powerful medicines have been manufactured; still there are many diseases for which there are no medicines. In the early stages cancer can be cured, but as it advances, it becomes incurable. As fast as medicines are discovered, new diseases crop up.

Wherever science tries to give some explanation, another question is formed. Many drugs and medicines have been produced. We have solved many problem diseases, but even then we find that more diseases have come into existence. There are not enough medicines to completely cure people from all the diseases in the world. So, where all this materialism ends, the spirituality of the sages, saints and sadhus begins.