Scientific Analogy to explain why we need Concentration of mind

  1. We see that sun shines in the sky, it gives beautiful light and all that light falls on this earth. But nothing happens to it; it doesn’t burn; but if I take a convex lens, a magnifying glass and concentrate all the rays of the sun onto a piece of paper, then after focusing all those rays of light, then the paper begins to burn. I have manifested energy there. In the same way, when a person concentrates his mind, he can achieve the impossible; he can have the power manifested there. And really that is why in meditation we talk about concentration of mind.
  2. Take the example of a photographer. If the camera trembles in his hands, everyone will say that the photo will get blurred. In the same way, every devotee wants to have vision of God through the camera of his mind. If his mind remains restless, he cannot see God, he cannot have God-realization. So,our first duty should be to bring our mind under control.