Difference between a Spiritual and a Carnal man

What is the reality of a magnet? Actually, there is no difference between the magnet and the iron, because the magnet is also iron.The only difference is that each particle inside a magnet has a definite direction.Each particle! So the only difference between a spiritual and a carnal man is that the mind and the direction of the senses of a spiritual man point towards God. His mind has a definite direction,while a carnal man has no direction at all.He’s either pleasing his eyes or pleasing his mouth or pleasing his ears, or he is simply trying to please his senses. So, in short we are just slaves of the senses and the mind.We are not at all living a spiritual life. We have lost spirituality. We have forgotten that power which is sustaining us. So, the difference between a spiritual man and a common man is like the difference between a magnet and a piece of iron. See, every particle in a magnet has a definite inclination;it has a definite direction.Every particle points towards north and south.And by the direction,by the inclination the virtue of that iron piece is that it has magnetic power,it can attract.Lord Krishna said, “While you are performing your worldly obligations,whether fighting, cooking food or working, always meditate on Me.” It is just like whether the  magnet is in America or in London,the magnet will always point towards north.The beauty of a magnet is that it has a definite inclination.So if we are spiritual beings then our lives,our bodies and our senses must have a definite meaning,they must have a definite direction.This is called in many scriptures as ‘single minded devotion’.