Importance of right technique in the act of meditation

Suppose, if we ask an unmarried girl to meditate on her would-be husband, you would probably laugh at the idea and say how come she will meditate on a person whom she has not yet seen? In the same way, the position of a ‘sadhak’ becomes similar when he has not seen the object of his ‘sadhana’. He will be at his wit’s end to perform ‘sadhana’. So, it is clear that one cannot meditate unless he has known the object of meditation. It is for this reason that our scriptures have recommended us to know the object of meditation first and then to begin meditation. One reaches the stage of super consciousness i.e. ‘samadhi’,   when there is a perfect co-ordination among the meditator, the object of meditation and the act of meditation. 

Water is not ‘sherbat’ (syrup) but when sugar is mixed with water, it is called ‘sherbat’ . When one finds an element of sweetness in it, one prefers to drink it. In the same way,  when our mind merges into the super soul, God, we experience bliss. It has been described as the Transcendent stake. Suppose, you are talking over the phone and suddenly something goes wrong on the line, then all your efforts come to naught, and you start all over again in order to get the line. Similarly, when there is something wrong in the act of meditation, it also goes waste. Then the meditator has to try afresh; he has to connect the line in such a manner that no impediments come in his way. So, we have to know the practical technique of doing meditation which is free from all impediments.

The Lord says in the Bhagvad Gita “Arjuna, remember me at all the times and also fight SIMULTANEOUSLY. From here only we can think as to how the act of meditation would be like.