When a soldier is shown his target, he is told where to shoot. He concentrates upon it, and tries again and again, until he hits the bull’s eye. The Upanishads said, “Make God your target, make your breath the bow, make your soul the arrow and hit the target!” We can do this only when we have been shown the target, or the object of meditation. Otherwise, our efforts will be fruitless. This is a fact.

God is omnipresent, but because we don’t experience this, we cannot plug ourselves in. Radio waves permeate the atmosphere but we need a radio receiver to hear them. Similarly, without the technique of spiritual insight, we cannot experience the all-pervading God. We need a radio to pick up radio waves, and we need the Divine Eye, the spiritual insight, to realize God. That is why Lord Krishna said to Arjuna, “I will give you the Divine eye of Knowledge.”

When a piece of iron contacts a magnet, it becomes magnetized, it becomes like a magnet. If a sincere seeker approaches the Master, his sleeping soul will be awakened and he will gradually experience his real Self. Like,when we get trapped in a menacing maze of corridors, we call the Guide for help and he tells one straight path and we come out of that horrible maze.In the same way, when our mind is completely entangled in Maya,it doesn’t find any exit route.The more we try to control our mind,the more it gets fickle. But when we approach the Perfect Master (Sadguru),thenhe shows the straight path which is the shortest possible path to reach our ultimate destination i.e. “Self Realization”