PRIMORDIAL VIBRATION:The foundation of all other vibrations

What happens in the macrocosm also can be observed in the microcosm-“as above, so below”. Electrons revolve around the nucleus, planets revolve around the sun. The power which makes us breathe or circulates our life-breath is known as the Great Vibration, or the Primordial Vibration or the Elan Vital. This primordial vibration is the foundation or substratum of all other vibrations; all that we see or hear are a product of this vibration.

If something vibrates within 20Hz to 20,000Hz cycles, we say that it is within the audio range. As the vibrations become higher and higher, it becomes radio waves, then TV waves and then microwaves. In the case of X-rays the particles vibrate very fast. In case of the Divine Light within, this vibration is the Cosmic Vibration or the Word within. Our consciousness too is energy vibration.

In this creation the only difference between the solid and liquid is that in case of solids the particles are jammed together and in liquids they are moving free. It is the vibration that is causing the difference. If we jam the particles of water, the water will turn into ice or take solid form. If we understand this vibration and connect in harmony with this vibration by the knowledge of Self, we can tune in with the frequency of God.

Albert Einstein’s most well known accomplishment is the formula E=MC^2. He postulated that all matter is transformed state of energy. These are perceived in different forms. Energy is the same, only the forms are interchanged. This is exactly what ancient Vedic scriptures said. All creation was born out of energy. Our prayer to Mother Energy, Ya Devi SarvBhuteshu ShaktiRupenSansthitha also essentially means the same. Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor it can be destroyed. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna also says, “The soul is neither born nor does it die. It transmigrates from one form to another.”