Scientific research has amply proven that around the nucleus of an atom, electrons revolve. The nucleus, however, presents a puzzle. Various subatomic particles have been identified, but so far nobody has been able to pinpoint the origin of the nucleus, from where its energy comes. The greatest wonder of all is that everything is charged with energy, but no one knows from where it comes.Science can observe and classify any expression of this energy in nature, but they can’t find its origin. You may go to the Moon or Mars, but even  then, will you not know what is the origin of life? No one knows. Spiritual knowledge, on the other hand, gives an instantaneous experience of this energy in its perfect and purest form; it can unite the self with its source.This is why Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita, said that this knowledge is the supreme science, the supreme secret, the supreme virtue.Jesus Christ explained this mysterious knowledge through parables, using metaphors such as giving eyes to the blind, ears to the deaf and living waters of life, which quenches the thirst of man for once and for all. So no matter who we are or what we do, we must acquire the spiritual knowledge, because it is the knowledge of the original cause, the cause of everything. After receiving it and sticking to it, all our problems are solved and we begin the blissful journey back to our Father. This knowledge has the capacity to change society, to change mankind. If I turn on a light , I will have light, but it won’t be strong enough to light up every home in this town. Everyone has to switch on the lights in his own home. But sunlight is so powerful that all lights fade before it. When the sun rises, not only this town, but the whole country is lit up. However, I am talking about experiencing the ‘Sun’, which if it rises in your life, will not only illuminate you but your society and country as well.