Science is limited. In Physics, you can only study what you can see under a microscope, or an electron microscope, nothing beyond that. You can only measure something that is measurable, that has form. You cannot measure the formless thing. You can only weigh something that has mass; something that is without mass cannot be weighed. But God is defined as attribute less, formless, because God is energy, just like the batteries we have in a flashlight.The batteries give power to the bulb, but the batteries do not glow. In the same way this atman, this soul, this power makes and gives form to the body, but remains formless. It gives all the attributes and qualities to the body but it remains virtue less. What is your name? Andy. You have the name Andy, but that power is nameless. That’s why in the book of Tao it is written, “The Name that can be named is not the real Name. The Tao that can be spoken is not the real Tao.”

So, in reality that energy is giving that power, that vitalising power and it is making  this body work. But that thing is beyond Physics. That’s why we say that spirituality falls into the category of Paraphysics (metaphysics). Nobody can prove music to a deaf man. You cannot prove it because he does not have the capability to listen to it. In the same way, our organs are limited, and with these limited organs we cannot experience God. That is why God is said to be beyond sense organs, beyond the working organs, mind and intellect. Only thetrue Living spiritual master can reveal that knowledge of God to you.