Teachings of Lord Budhha

We often undergo sorrow and sufferings in life. We notice misery and grief around us. The cause of it all is worldly desire. Worldly desire arises due to “ignorance” and ignorance is caused by delusion. Delusion means erroneous belief, under the influence of which, we consider what is untrue to be true, and what is true to be untrue.

Although we are surrounded by suffering, there is a ray of hope. The path of Spiritual Knowledge is always there to protect and save us. When someone dives deep within, by meditating with a calm and steady mind, he experiences the Spiritual Energy within and thus, frees himself from the clutches of suffering and bondage.

Human history has seen a number of civilisations rise and fall over thousands of years, but the same questions that have persisted through time about the Soul, Nature, Attachment and Salvation are relevant even today. In a quest to unfold these mysteries, Religion; Philosophy; Spirituality and Science were born. We venerate our Saints and Great Souls who have found answers to these long-standing questions. Whenever a person is so aggrieved that in despair, he looks towards a Sovereign Divine Power for relief, the teachings and life-philosophy of Saints and Great souls show him the right path forward.

Lord Buddha forms part of such noble and enlightened souls, whose teachings remain unparalleled. According to his teachings, detaching ourselves from worldly bondage and attaining salvation is the purpose of this human life. Being born, death, illness and old age, these four stages are sure to come in life, whereas worldly desires, cravings, attachments and jealousy are things we look for and which add to our sufferings. Nothing in this constantly changing world can bring eternal peace to us, which is why it is important to renounce these transient pleasures. Whatever is transient can only bring suffering. It is therefore essential that we evolve spiritually and realise our real self within. Such a realised soul is called Buddha and he becomes worthy of attaining salvation. In his teachings, Lord Buddha described Salvation, therefore liberation from the cycle of birth and death, as the ultimate goal of human life.

At a time when centuries-old malpractices like untouchability, sacrificial animal offerings, tantra and tamsik yagya were common practice, Lord Buddha stood strongly in favour of equality, unity and equal right of knowledge for one and all, irrespective of religion, caste or creed, financial and social status. Through his own experiences in life, he professed the Middle Path philosophy of life. Lord Buddha inspired the world to adopt the eight “Right” principles, which are the Right Viewpoint, Right Resolve, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Exercise, Right Mindfulness and Right Samadhi.

Our superstitions, beliefs and traditions are the obstacles to our spiritual growth, which we imperatively need to shed for self-realisation and spiritual enlightenment.

Adopting these eight principles will free mankind from worldly sufferings. Instead of living a life full of comforts and luxury, or alternatively opting for a life of full of hardships, we should walk the middle path between these two extremes towards our objective.

Lord Buddha and his teaching are exemplary and priceless. As he said, Meditation (Dhyan) is the only way to become free from worldly sufferings and anchor oneself in eternal peace. Therefore, if we want to attain that level of bliss, we have to concentrate our mind and meditate on the Holy Name of God.

Self-realisation is the primary teaching of Lord Buddha. To know ourselves, we need to seek the shelter of the Enlightened Spiritual Master, who has mastered the mystery of spiritual knowledge and who can impart it to us. By the grace of the Spiritual Master, we will behold the Almighty Lord in His omnipresent form of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss and truly live the teachings of Lord Buddha.