Faith Gives Us Strength

Human beings are mortals and there is always the possibility that the life-energy will depart from one’s body and its existence will cease. Nobody has a guarantee on life, but still we have faith that we will go on living tomorrow as we have lived until now. This faith helps us live our life from one day to another. We should try to understand the importance of hope and faith in our lives. Saints tell us that just as you have faith in the might of money, have faith in God; just as you have hope in material things, have hope in the Almighty. In order to be a true devotee, one must have unflinching hope and faith in God.
Although the most important aspects of leading a happy life, faith and devotion are something that people generally lack. We hear the story of young Prahlad whose father was his greatest enemy because he refused to worship his father. Prahlad’s faiths and devotion towards God was so great that he stood looking at the fire and then walked right into it. His faith in God was so strong that even the heat of the fire could not touch him. In our lives we fluctuate between happiness and sadness. As soon as a small problem crops up we fall apart, we get so upset. Such periods of trial and testing will not be over until we are true believers like Prahlad.
True faith remains constant, it never fluctuates. How can faith that wavers be called real faith? There are so may struggles in life and our faith fluctuates not just in God, but even in ourselves. Jesus was crucified but he firmly believed that he would rise again. Prahlad was about to die, but his strong faith kept him alive. Nowadays, we see absence of faith everywhere and without faith we can neither live our lives fully nor be true devotees. Unless we ourselves live life in the correct way, we cannot inspire others to have faith in us and our beliefs. If we have faith in our abilities, our task is likely to be successfully, but if we have absolute faith in the Almighty, we are able to sail through any struggle of life as God’s light shows us the path at every step. For such faith to exist we need to connect with God at the spiritual level through His true Name that exists within each one of us and is revealed by the living Spiritual Master.