Making the Right Choice Today

The world is presently experiencing one of the biggest crises with the Covid-19 pandemic. The human kind is suffering. Normally, the children go to schools, colleges and universities; people go to offices, institutions and there are businessmen and corporates working every hour. But now, a new tradition of online classes, work from home environment has emerged which has certainly made our lives seemingly abnormal. This new normal or a kind of tsunami has made our lives topsy-turvy. Of course the human kind will survive, many will pass this phase, but they will inhabit a different world than before.

Time has really come to be self-aware, self-conscious and make the humble decision to proactively follow the path of spirituality. The living Spiritual Master, Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj has been imparting the Spiritual Knowledge and appealing to humanity since long to seek peace within to avoid the repercussions of the uncertain times to come. Spiritual Knowledge will be the only shield for us to survive during such times and will help us to pass the current stormy phases with ease. This will not only help us to overcome the effects of the pandemic but against all uncertainties and crisis that are likely to prevail in the future. So, humanity must make the wise choice today to be protected in the future.