The True Potential of Yoga

Yoga by its simplest definition means ‘to unite’ or ‘to join’. It has gained momentum in more recent times, becoming quite widespread all over the world. People all around are practicing yoga as a means to stay healthy and active, and yet there is a lack of awareness among the people on what yoga actually depicts and what it’s true potential is. 
Too often people practice different yogic Asanas or postures and think that yoga is only limited to these. Practicing correct Asanas would definitely help in improving the physical health by loosening up our stiff and strained muscles and nervous system, enhancing our flexibility and oxygen flow, but there is much more to yoga than just that. 
In its holistic sense, Yoga is a discipline that not only caters to our physical health but also helps us in maintaining a healthy mental as well as spiritual well-being. Just as the Asanas relax our muscles by giving them appropriate exercise, Pranayama or breathing exercises in yoga help in loosening up our mental stresses and strains, thereby unblocking the obstructions caused by our uncontrolled mind. Just as unhealthy eating and not enough physical exercise can cause accumulation of fats and toxins in our body, uncontrolled mind leads to toxic thoughts and actions multiplying their negative effects. Reigning in the mind through Pranayama acts as the treatment for these vices.
Slowly, as we are able to control the mind and direct it more and more towards our breath, our spiritual journey also begins to take shape. It releases our mind from negative thoughts and experiences, and fills us with positivity and calmness. When we go a step further by connecting our mind to the eternal Name of God through our breath, we experience the all-pervading supreme energy of God within us, leading to the realisation of our true potential. 
Yoga in reality makes us realise the true essence of life. It slowly and gradually guides us in the path of detaching from the materialistic world and helps us unite to one’s true self. It detangles our thoughts and emotions filling us with peace and selflessness. As a spiritual science, it is a subtle form of art that can be performed anywhere and everywhere.
Yoga in it’s true sense is a way of life that ensures our all-round health and happiness, by catering to all aspects of our life, be it body, mind and soul, for them to unite as a whole and be in harmony with each other