Devotion With Detachment

Although the human body is perishable, it is known as the crown of God’s creation. Why is that? It’s because we can realise God in His true form only through the human body, which acts as the vehicle for this crucial journey of our spiritual evolution.

We are told that God is omnipresent and lives within every speck of creation. Despite this, it is believed that only a living human being can realise Him.  Saints and scripture have said that to achieve this feat in our lifetime there are certain conditions that need to be met. First and foremost, we need to be a true seeker of God. When we have the inner yearning to meet our creator we would need the living Spiritual Master, serve him selflessly to gain the Spiritual Knowledge through his kind grace. Merely attaining this Knowledge is not enough but we must then meditate upon it. The impact of gaining spiritual experience through meditation and progressing in this journey is dispassion or detachment from the materialistic world. This does not mean that the material world just disappears for the seeker, but its as if a strong rope that was pulling us down has been burnt. It still maintains its shape but has lost the ability to tie us down.

We will not find the curry tasty if we forget to add salt to it. We will also not find the pudding appetising if we forget to add sugar to it. Similarly, we will not find the sweetness in devotion (Bhakti) without attaining detachment (Bairagya) from the pleasures and the pains of this world. True detachment is an inner state of the mind that is in harmony with our outer world. It does not arise by suppressing our desires or wants. It also does not require us to make extreme changes to our lifestyle. It can be attained equally by a family man as well as a renunciate. Through the spiritual experience gained by meditation on the Holy Name, the aspirant finds inner fulfilment and happiness and the external attachments fall away naturally.

Absolute devotion towards God is possible only when we dedicate our heart and soul on the feet of the true living Spiritual Master with complete trust, respect and allegiance. All other requirements for enhancing our spiritual evolution gradually fall into place when we satisfy this crucial step in our journey.