Going In is actually… the Way Out!

We observe numerous natural phenomena at play all around us. One such force of nature is wind. When fast-blowing wind travels from one place to another, it forcefully carries with it things like dust particles and dry leaves, but as soon as it hits the barrier or when the wind stops blowing, everything falls down. This process gains more significance when it occurs with respect to our life, because the course of life neither has a fixed pattern, nor it plays havoc all the time. Every moment it changes its colours, alternating between pleasure & pain, love & hatred, failure & success and distress & delight. Each of these aspects influence us somewhere deep inside and leave a long-lasting impression on our mind. As a result of this, our mind gets over-flooded with various thoughts, positive or negative; causing mental pressures, tension and stress, often leading to depression and other mental or physical illnesses.

We know that the remedy to any ailment needs to address the aspects where the problem lies, which is why our inner troubles need to be resolved internally by easing our mind’s undesired pressures and the load of irrelevant thoughts, facilitating us to feel relaxed and content. Under such conditions, meditation plays the most significant role as our saviour. It provides us with immense support and blesses us with the strength required to overcome the hurdles.

It is a well-known fact that mind is fickle by nature, but is known to reach the level of immense calmness and steadiness in meditation, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated. By practicing regular meditation one gets rid of the troublesome state of mind and previous impressions take no time to dispel, just as dust particles fall down when the wind stops.

In the divine realm of spirituality the meditator enters within and clearly sees the right path ahead, which is the path of enlightenment, where he worships the omnipresent Creator, sitting in the shrine of the pious heart.

So, the fact of the matter is that going ‘in’ is the only way out!