SPIRITUALITY: The Source of Abundance

Spirituality plays a very important role in today’s modern world of materialism. Life has become very restless and strenuous. We are always in a rush to achieve our needs and this never ends. The quest to have more and more in life never satisfies our desire.  Our desire knows no bounds and even after getting the things that we want, it goes on and on which is why we are not happy and satisfied with our life. We tend to compare our life with others thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side. Life of others always fascinates us and we think that the other person is more successful and happier than us. So, we stretch ourselves to excel in every sphere of life. In this process, life becomes so hectic that sometimes it takes a toll on our health, physically and mentally.  Sometimes one might even fall into depression being unable to cope up with the situation. However, if a person is spiritual, one can keep all these things at bay. We can handle adversities in life with calmness and positivity.

Spirituality leads us towards the supreme divine power which guides us in every possible way to overcome the sorrows and shortcomings of life. It enriches our soul and provides our life a meaningful purpose. In today’s world, spirituality is very much needed to have a healthy and peaceful life. If one is healthy in mind, the positivity spreads from home to the society and thus wider to the world.

Spirituality is perceived by the majority to be attained in old age, but actually it is not so. One can be spiritual from an early age. Spirituality helps in instilling values like love, kindness, oneness, gratefulness and infuses abundant positivity in young minds. This helps them to face the struggles and hardships in life gracefully with no qualms, inspiring others as well. Hence, being spiritual is an art of living and to live ‘being spiritual’ is the key to a happier and blissful life.