India which is a myriad of zealous festivals and known for its rich culture, Baisakhi is one among the most important ones. All the festivals of India have a rich history and a deeper significance and learning from them. They keep our traditions and culture alive and a way to express gratitude to the Higher power. There is Historical and religious belief associated to this festival too. It is celebrated on April 13 or 14 as Hindu and Sikh Solar new year. Astrologically the Sun enters into Mesh Rashi or Aries making it a Hindu Solar New year. In a way we are thanking the Nature and expressing our gratitude to Sun God for the gift of Life.

              Baisakhi celebration marks the onset of spring and signifies the end of harvest season. The word Baisakhi comes from the Hindu calendar month of ‘Vaishakh’, the time when farmers harvest the season crops and gear up for the next season sowing.   An ode to Mother Earth it is celebrated by the farmers in gratitude for the good harvest, love and kindness given by Her.It is a thanksgiving festival as farmers go to Gurudwaras and temple to seek blessings for their agriculture to flourish, sing kirtans and dance in gratitude.India being an agricultural country, all the states of our country celebrate Baisakhi With different names hence we enjoy diverse cultures with oneness as Bihu in Assam, Vishu in Kerala, Puthandu in Tamil nadu, we celebrate with vigour and fervour.These festivals teach us respect to all the cultures , peace and harmony.               

               Hindus celebrate the descent of Godess Ganga on Earth on this day to this planet to rid man of all sins.In her honour Devotees gather for a Holy dip along the banks of the river Ganga. In Buddhism, they believe that it is on this propitious day that Gautam Buddha accomplished edification or Nirvana. They commemorate the birth ,enlightenment and death of Gautam Buddha known as Vesakha. This Holy day reminds of the teachings of Dharma(his teachings), Buddha(the Guru) and the Sangha(his disciples). Arya samaj was established on this day by Swami Dayanand Sarswati to cherish the Vedas in 1875.

             This auspicious day of Baisakhi reminds us of the unbreakable bond between a Guru and his Disciples.The remarkable incident of establishing of ‘KHALSA PANTH’ and the story of PanjPiaras making them Singhs(community),an army that fights for truth and righteousness sets an example of trust and bonding between Guru and his five tested disciples who were ready to give their lives for the commitment to their Guru because they felt the presence of Truth in their teachings or the hunger for the truth of universal consciousness.The incident took place in 1699 when in front of thousands of disciples,Guru Gobind Singhji came out of the tent carrying a sword and challenged any of his disciples who will give their head and prove their loyalty to come into the tent.One among them agreed and entered the tent. Guruji came out alone with the sword covered with blood and requested for more disciples who were ready to get beheaded. Four more volunteers came up one by one until the last fifth one disappeared into the tent. Later the crowd saw all the five men coming out of the tent wearing Turbans on their head .They were called the Singhs (the brave lions)or the soldiers of God or truth. Hence came the formation of SIKH community. Transformation of Sikhs did not mean just a formation of a new religion but to teach the entire Humankind to be spiritual, to become divine humans, to meditate and to rise in awareness and seek for the ultimate truth from an awakened true

              The above story of Baisakhi is the greatest lesson and a gift to humanity. It teaches everybody to challenge the fears within and strengthen the devotion for truth. It also sets an example of pure majestic love and trust between a master and his disciple.In this relationship,the disciple pledges his life and the guru showers his divine love and grace on the disciple so as to take us out of the darkness and deviations in a way to reach God.Thus Baisakhi has a deep spiritual memory associated to it and reminds us the lesson that God watches us constantly with his love and protection under the shade of our Gurus.It is our loyality and faith which has to be checked timely and reminded as we celebrate Baisakhi every year.

            Manav Dharam under the guidance of Shri Satpalji Maharaj also celebrate this bonding between Guru-shishya , to rejoice the path for truth, and to cherish the entire human religion, love and harmony on the occasion of Baisakhi. Satsang programs are held in all the ashrams, virtually and globally.These satsangs given by Mahatmajis, Baijis and the divine family remind us always to be in high spirits. To remind us the ‘Dharma’ as ‘Manav(Humans)’ -why we incarnate in a human form,our duties towards ourselves and others and our highest goals. Bhandaras(free meals or prashad) ,free accommodation ,Medical facilities are provided which teach us that we are born to serve each other, learn and grow together. People from different Religion, caste and country are given a warm welcome and celebrate the occasion of Baisakhi with great enthusiasm and as a single family. Maharaji and the entire divine family through their higher actions and humble mind teach us to be humble and to obey the Guru and manifest the same greatness as he. Despite of the huge gathering, the peace around during the Satsang programs and positive vibes in the environment teach us that we all are spirits of one divine light and in the loving presence of our Guru Maharaji ,God speak to our hearts and the entire place seems to be heaven on earth.