Nov 30 2021

Dharma of Mankind – Manav Dharam

The word Dharma holds immense significance in many religions of the world. It is often interpreted as ‘religion’ but in reality it is much […]

Nov 23 2021

Devotion With Detachment

Although the human body is perishable, it is known as the crown of God’s creation. Why is that? It’s because we can realise God […]

Jun 19 2021

The True Potential of Yoga

Yoga by its simplest definition means ‘to unite’ or ‘to join’. It has gained momentum in more recent times, becoming quite widespread all over […]

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Jun 13 2021

Making the Right Choice Today

The world is presently experiencing one of the biggest crises with the Covid-19 pandemic. The human kind is suffering. Normally, the children go to […]

May 25 2021

Pandemic and Spiritual awareness

The Covid-19 pandemic with its day by day changing strain has made the world come to a standstill with its scale and enormity. The […]

Sep 29 2020

Significance of Fruitless Actions

Struggles are as much a part of everyone’s life as the desire for happiness. People often get overwhelmed by adverse conditions and give up […]

Sep 14 2020

Spirituality Promotes Humanitarian Vision

God and spirituality are for all mankind – for Hindus, Christians and Muslims alike – just as the Sun shines for all, the Earth […]

Aug 13 2020

Seeking the True Master

The significance of taking the guidance of the living Spiritual Master is to acquire Spiritual Knowledge through their grace. The life of a true […]

Jul 27 2020

Entire Universe is Breathing

The idea of the Cosmic Form, which is called the Vishwarupa or the supreme form of Lord Vishnu, means that the whole universe is […]

Jul 09 2020

Spirituality And The Global Crisis

In India, devotion towards the Almighty and our connection to the highest manifestation has been recognised and stressed by Saints and philosophers alike for […]