Buddha, Spirituality,
Jun 12 2022

Teachings of Buddha

If the string is too tight, it will snap. If it is too loose, it will not play.” These were the great words of […]

Baisakhi, Spirituality,
Jun 07 2022


India which is a myriad of zealous festivals and known for its rich culture, Baisakhi is one among the most important ones. All the […]

Holi 2022, Spirituality,
Mar 17 2022


India has a rich tradition of celebrating various festivals. Holi is one such festivals that has an ancient history with a number of folklores […]

Messages by Masters, Spirituality,
Feb 16 2022

Guru Ravidas Ji

Saint Ravidas India has been the home to enlightened saints and sages since time immemorial. It has been mentioned in our scriptures that whenever […]

Messages by Masters, Spirituality,
Jan 18 2022

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Guru Gobind Singh was the Tenth and the last Sikh Guru who was a multi-talented warrior Spiritual Master. He was born on 5th January, […]

Jan 04 2022

SPIRITUALITY: The Source of Abundance

Spirituality plays a very important role in today’s modern world of materialism. Life has become very restless and strenuous. We are always in a […]

Dec 28 2021

Sadbhavana – Goodwill towards All

When we are standing on the ground, we are able to see and experience a limited distance in our sight and consider it to […]

Dec 21 2021

The Omnipresent Consciousness

The omnipresence of the Almighty has been glorified in our scriptures. Saint Tulsidas wrote in Ramcharitmanas, “With folded hands I worship the entire creation […]

Dec 07 2021

Going In is actually… the Way Out!

We observe numerous natural phenomena at play all around us. One such force of nature is wind. When fast-blowing wind travels from one place […]

Nov 30 2021

Dharma of Mankind – Manav Dharam

The word Dharma holds immense significance in many religions of the world. It is often interpreted as ‘religion’ but in reality it is much […]