The Self in each one of us and the Universal Self are one in essence. Once the living links with God are revived and the channel opened, man regains God-consciousness. Spiritual Knowledge doesn’t refer to information acquired via the senses or from books, but to the knowledge which is revealed from within, to the revelation and wisdom emanating from the depths of the inner Self.

The sacred and revealed books of all times and civilisations glorify this Knowledge. They place man at the pinnacle of creation, because human beings can reach the plane of absolute Truth, Consciousness and Bliss and thus realise the ultimate Reality. Lord Buddha said, “There is a state where there is neither earth nor water, nor heat, nor air…neither infinity of space…it is without stability, without change. Here is the cessation of sorrow.” Jesus Christ was describing this state when he said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” and, “Don’t you know that you are the temples of God and the Spirit of God dwells in you?”

Initiation into Knowledge gives us access to the four facets of Divine Energy – the Holy Word, Divine Light, Celestial Music and Nectar. We can know God through them. These four aspects are like the petals of a flower. Only a flower in bloom emits fragrance. Similarly, it is only through the manifestations of these aspects of the Divine that the full splendour of God is experienced and salvation attained. God unmanifest is like a bud – It is the potential energy hidden in every particle in the universe. When this potential energy becomes kinetic and manifests itself, it takes the form of the Word, the Light, the Music and the Nectar. When scientists split the atom, the potential energy in the atom expresses itself as blinding light, a tremendous sound, intense heat and powerful radiation. This indicates that the universe is a mass of energy. The greatest wonder of all is that everything is charged with energy but no one knows from where it comes. Science can observe and classify any expression of this energy in Nature, but it can’t observe its origin. Spiritual Knowledge, on the other hand, gives a direct experience of this energy in its perfect and purest form – it can unite the Self with its Source.