'Sadbhavana' means 'universal love/goodwill/truth and harmony. 'Sammelan' means a conference or gathering, so Sadhavana Sammelans are satsang programs, usually on a very large scale, organised across India and abroad. In India they attract many thousands of people, up to 100,000 at the huge Vaisakhi and Hans Jayanti festivals.

These are held to acquaint the public at large with Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti's spiritual and charitable objectives and to establish harmony and unity throughout the country, People from all religions – from orthodox to atheist – and from all walks of life, sit together to listen to spiritual discourses ('satsang') given by Shri Maharaj Ji and members of his family, mahatmas and guest speakers who are often prominent social, political and religious leaders.

These programs generate a peaceful atmosphere and inspire the audience to realise their highest potential individually and at the same time serve society. Free accommodation and meals, security, medical assistance etc. for the visiting delegates is arranged by the Society with the co-operation of its members and the local people.

Virat Satsang Samaroh – Nepal

6th & 7th October 2023

Nepal Manavdharam Sewa Samiti, Ward No 1, District Sunsari, Ithari, Nepal
Connect - 00-977-25-580308, 9779841462535

Shri Hans Jayanti – Pandawala Kalan New Delhi

3rd, 4th & 5th November, 2023

Shri Hans Nagar Ashram, Najafgarh-Ghumanhera Road, Pandwala Kalan New Dehi-110043
Connect - 8826899802, 9013467822